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What is the BKind Card?

BKind Cards increase kindness in the world. They get passed from one person to another each time an act of kindness takes place. People pass them as a token of gratitude or with an act of kindness they accomplished.

Organizations, schools, campuses and amazing individuals from around the world are using Bkind Cards to increase kindness in their communities.
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40,000 BKind Cards

27 Countries

"Hey, you want to learn how to play the mandolin?" "Sure." I said. And then he handed me his mandolin and said: "Here, it's a gift."

Bhagsu, India

"I bought a beer for the person behind me in line at the baseball game."

Toledo, Ohio

"I hosted a group of people at my house so they would have a comfortable place to sleep, eat and relax."

Scranton, Pennsylvania

About Us

BKind is a social enterprise that uses technology, education and unique tools that increase positive actions and interactions between people. We work with organizations, schools, campuses and families from around the world that wants to increase kindness in their communities.

You are welcome to join us and use our tools.

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